Michigan Hay Sales

Text Box: Michigan Hay Sales offers sales, custom planting and harvesting services.  This includes the use of our equipment or yours and can encompass mowing, baling or cutting.  Hay can be purchased from the harvested field or picked up from Shine-A-Bit farm.  We also offer delivery options that include stacking.
14 x 18 square
4 x 4 round
Hay field and pasture reseeding, maintenance and renovation
Hay is priced based on availability and time of year.  Please call us to discuss your specific needs.
Alfalfa/grass mixture, alfalfa, orchard grass, and other specialty hays.
1st Cutting:  June through mid-July
2nd Cutting: Mid-July through mid-August
3rd Cutting: Mid-August

Ray Moses
230 Maxfield Road
Brighton, MI 48114


Ph. 248.894.2012


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